Business Entities

Business EntitiesBusiness Formation

When deciding to go into business there are numerous types of business entities that can be used to operate your business. The type of business that you plan to operate, the numbers of owners involved, and the size of your business are some of the factors that need to be considered in determining which business entity will provide you the greatest tax benefit and liability protection. In addition to forming the business entity, there are other types of agreements that need to be prepared so that it is clear to each of the owners what their rights and responsibilities as well as their shares of the profits are.


Acquisition and Sales

Numerous documents and contracts are necessary when selling or acquiring a business. The contract process involves disclosing what in fact you are selling or buying and under what terms. Although that sounds simple, failure to properly disclose may cause an unintended sale of assets or purchase of liabilities that were never intended to be acquired. Legal advice is indispensable throughout the acquisition and sales process.


Drafting and review of all types of contracts needed to operate your business.